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We believe that we can radically improve the delivery of safety services to the film and production sector globally, leveraging our experience, expertise and global reach to do so. Whether you simply need a policy, a risk assessment or one of our technical experts on site and ongoing support you will benefit from our unrelenting focus on giving the best service we can.

Our Services:

  • Onsite Production Safety Support
  • Onsite First Aid Support
  • Production Risk Assessment
  • Recce Attendance
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Onsite Construction Safety Support
  • Productions Meeting Attendance
  • Studio Inspection
  • Production Office Risk Assessment
  • Event Safety Management Plan
  • Event Risk Assessment
  • Pre-Vetting of Contractors Health & Safety Assurance Audit
  • COSHH Assessment
  • Display Screen Assessment
  • Health & Safety Committee Meeting
  • Health & Safety Briefings
  • Construction Phase Plan & F10 Accident Investigation