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About us

At MiRisk Media, our team is the backbone of our commitment to excellence in film and TV health & safety and security. We are a group of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique expertise and passion to ensure your production's safety and success.

Every member of our team shares a common commitment: to prioritize your safety, your success, and your vision. We understand the unique challenges of the film and TV industry, and we are dedicated to mitigating risks, providing expert guidance, and offering unwavering support throughout your production journey.

With MiRisk Media, you're not just hiring a service; you're gaining a team of passionate professionals who are as invested in your project's safety and success as you are.


Together, we'll make your vision a reality whilst ensuring the highest standard of health, safety, and security. Your vision, our dedication, a safer production.

Jonathon Bradbury, Co-Founder of MiRisk Media, leading with vision and expertise in production safety.
Jonathon Bradbury

Co-Founder & Director of Safety Services

Christopher Lawton, Co-Founder of MiRisk Media, contributing innovation and strategic thinking to our mission
Chris Lawton

Co-Founder & Director of Security Services

Cal Kelly, Co-Founder of MiRisk Media, embodying dedication and excellence in the field of security and close protection
Cal Kelly

Co-Founder & Director of Middle East

Dr. Mark Grant, Co-Founder of MiRisk Media, providing leadership and extensive knowledge in global production safety
Dr. Mark Grant

Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director

Brett Sargeant, part of MiRisk Media's Production Health and Safety team, ensuring meticulous attention to safety protocols.
Brett Sargent

Principal Health & Safety Consultant


LG Head Shot_edited.jpg
Lucas Griffin

Health & Safety Consultant

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