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Safety & Security

Retainer Services

At MiRiskMedia, our retainer services are designed to be your steadfast companion in the world of production safety, providing you with an array of benefits to keep your team safe, compliant, and well-prepared.


Access to Essential Documents and Templates:

  • Exclusive access to critical risk assessment and policy documents.

  • Foundation for a robust safety framework tailored to film and TV industry demands.


Expert On-Site and Remote Support:

  • Dedicated adviser with in-depth knowledge of your production.

  • On-site support in challenging locations and real-time remote guidance.


Reduced Rates Across Services:

  • Exclusive pricing benefits for retainer clients.

  • Access top-tier safety support without breaking the budget.


Tailored Packages, Including 'Indie Bundle':

  • Diverse retainer packages catering to different production needs.

  • 'Indie Bundle' specially designed for smaller scale productions.


Value That Keeps You Safe and Compliant:

  • Investment in the safety and compliance of your production.

  • Commitment to the well-being of your team and the success of your project.

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