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Fire Warden on Productions

The course is for Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Production Executives and other senior staff

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Embark on a specialized training journey tailored for individuals aspiring to become proficient fire wardens within the dynamic realm of film and TV production. This course offers a condensed yet comprehensive overview of key components: Unique Industry Focus: Dive into discussions and scenarios specific to the film and TV production environment, addressing fire safety challenges unique to this industry. Practical Skill Development: Acquire hands-on skills essential for effective fire prevention, emergency response, and evacuation procedures in the context of production sets and studios. Regulatory Compliance: Explore the legal and regulatory frameworks governing fire safety in film and TV production, ensuring adherence to industry standards and statutory requirements. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Learn to identify potential fire risks associated with production activities, and develop strategies for proactive risk management and mitigation. Emergency Response Simulation: Engage in realistic simulations to enhance your ability to manage fire-related emergencies, honing your leadership skills as a fire warden in the fast-paced production environment. Communication and Coordination: Master effective communication and coordination techniques tailored for film and TV production settings, fostering collaboration and ensuring swift response in crisis situations. Scenario-Based Learning: Navigate through real-world scenarios, applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations commonly encountered on production sets, studios, and locations. Industry-Experienced Instructors: Benefit from insights shared by seasoned industry professionals, gaining valuable perspectives and advice on fire safety specific to film and TV production. Upon completion of this course, individuals will emerge as competent fire wardens equipped with industry-specific knowledge, practical skills, and a heightened awareness of the unique challenges posed by fire safety within film and TV production. Accreditation: FireQual

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11 Alva Street, Edinburgh, UK

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